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How to Grow Tomatoes for Beginners.

 The tomato is the most common plant grown in gardens throughout the world. With that being said many new gardeners struggle to grow them. In this article we'll go over what you need to know so that you can grow fantastic tomatoes year in and year out.  We'll begin by briefly discussing the growing habits of tomatoes. We have determinate and indeterminate tomatoes. Determinate means that the tomato will have a determined amount of tomatoes and a determined height it'll grow to. On the other hand a indeterminate tomato will have a indeterminate height and will continue to grow until the first frost, same goes for the fruit. Depending on the type you grow it will slightly alter the care. We'll discuss that later in the article. When it comes to heirloom or hybrids that decision is yours. If you don't know the difference follow this link to learn more . Planting: Once you've decided w

How to Start a Window Sill Garden.

Are you the type of person who loves to maximize every inch of space possible? How about a person who loves to save money on groceries? If you find yourself as one or both of these types of people then I have a wonderful solution for you, a windowsill garden.  Whether you live in an apartment or own a house, we all have a window that’s not being used for anything other than looking outside. So adding a windowsill garden is an extremely easy and beneficial thing to do. It can give a dull room or kitchen some life (quite literally). A way to maximize every inch of space available inside and a way to save some money when we’re shopping at a grocery store.  We’ll go over how we can get started on a windowsill garden and some of the things we can grow in one.  There’s a few different paths one can take when starting a windowsill garden. You’ll find many stores sell kits that include the container, potting mix, and seeds. They are extremely convenient for people who aren’t well experienced i

Guide to Watering.

 New gardeners will often find themselves wondering if they are watering correctly. After all watering is a key factor in the success of your plant's health. In order for you the gardener to have a bountiful harvest you need to identify when a plant needs water and how much it needs. I’ll also discuss how we can minimize watering our gardens to save time and money. A common symptom for when a plant needs water is when the leaves are drooping, shown in the picture to the left. Plants take the water that's in the leaves and sends it down to the roots in order to survive. You will see this happen to plants on very hot days as well. So how do you tell if the plant needs water if this happens? Simply, take a look at your plants once the sun is down, if the plant still looks sad and droopy then water ASAP.  Another sign to see if your plant needs water is to stick your finger in the dirt up to the second joint. If you find that the soil is dry, you should water, if it's moist the