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Potting Soil. Does it really matter what you use?

 Potting Soil For many, a raised bed or in ground bed isn't an option where they live so they turn to container gardening. If you find yourself looking into container gardening you'll find a lot of different potting soils or potting mixes.  These potting soils will be different brands and varying prices, which can be overwhelming for some. So does it really matter what you buy and if so why? The answer to that question is yes, yes it DOES matter what you buy and I'll break down why it matters. For starters avoid buying any bag of soil that is labeled as top soil, as that's just for back filling holes or leveling ground and has no benefit to your plants. If you open a bag of top soil you can find chunks of wood, grains of sand, rocks, and even plastic or glass. The reason being is that the companies don't screen this soil before bagging it for sale. Another product you'll come across is garden soil which shouldn't be used for containers. Garden soil does have