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5 Easy Crops to Grow for Beginners.

5 Easy Crops to grow for beginners. When starting your journey into the world of home growing you may wonder what should I grow and why? To ensure success in your garden I'm going to list 5 of the easiest crops to grow and why you should grow them. 1. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are everything you can ask for in a plant. They come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Every different type of tomato has it's own unique flavor, be it heirloom or hybrid. If you don't know the differences between heirloom and hybrid follow this link .  The majority of tomatoes are going to give you an abundance of fruit to snack on all growing season. Tomatoes are a perfect candidate to any garden for their ease of growing.  2. Lettuce: Nothing screams easy like lettuce. A healthy spring crop, lettuce is a must in any garden. Lettuce is a crop that can be easily grown from seeds without any knowledge or seed starting