About Me

 My name is James, I have 2 wonderful kids and I have a passion for gardening and being outdoors. Some of my other passions I enjoy are hunting, fishing, gaming, and just about any other outdoor activity. I'm born and raised in the state of Pennsylvania. As a kid I spent most of my time indoors playing games and when deer season rolled in my father and I would always be in the woods. When I was 13 my father in the summer of 2012 decided he wanted to try to grow corn and tomatoes. Not sure where he got the seeds from but by the time he made this decision it was around July and so he dug up some ground and threw the seeds in the ground. Long story short by the time we got our first frost that fall the corn stalks were small with small ears and the tomatoes were no different. While we didn't grow any produce, something else grew, my passion for gardening. To this day I still don't know what exactly sparked my interest but that next spring I spent my days after school prepping a small garden bed in front of our house. I was extremely fortunate because I was working as a dishwasher around this time so I didn't have to rely on my parents for money so I could buy whatever tools and plants I wanted. I didn't have any idea on what I was doing nor did I know how successful I would be but I went out and bought a packet of cucumber seeds and probably a dozen of tomato plants. To both my father and I's shock I managed to grow more tomatoes and cucumbers we could possibly eat. From that year on I continued to garden, only difference was knowledge, I was constantly researching to make myself better. I found myself enjoying learning and at that time I was more of a hands on learner rather than books and reading. I've been gardening for 9 years now and would love to share all my knowledge I have with others in hopes to make them a better gardener and steward of the land. 


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