Why grow your own food?

 There are many reasons why you should be growing your own food. Since the start of the pandemic we’ve seen a large increase in people starting their own gardens but why?

All about that money. Food prices are constantly increasing, fresh fruit and vegetables are no exception. With a little bit of research a person could take a $2.00 seed packet along with a container and potting soil and save themselves more money than they think. 

Variety, variety, variety. You can go to your local nursery or big box store and find many different types of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, so on and so forth. These varieties you’ll never find at your local grocery store or farmers market and if you did you’ll be paying top dollar for them. I’ve personally grown so many different tomatoes and each one is so different, it’s not just color that’s different but taste. You’ll never want to buy store bought fruit and veg again once you’ve grown your own. 

Free therapy anyone? I never imagined once I started my very first garden it would be so therapeutic. If you are looking for a new outlet to distract yourself and keep your mind occupied, gardening is worth a shot. It’s hard to explain but being outside keeps your mind at peace, the aroma of some plants and flowers relaxes your mind along with the beautiful sunshine. A huge benefit I get personally is physical exercise from doing in ground beds by turning the soil and just basic garden care and that alone makes you feel great about yourself. 

Give Earth a helping hand. If you find yourself wanting to do your part in helping earth stay green and clean garden! The more produce you can supply yourself with the less we need to rely on big agriculture (no disrespect to farmers). Some major problems with big agriculture is the reliance of synthetic chemicals and soil erosion. Both problems present us with headaches for our future. This is a whole blog of its own so I won’t go into the details but know gardening is beneficial to you and your family and preserves the future for everyone. 

Gardening is GROWING in popularity as of recently, as I’ve stated above. Honestly there’s a lot of reason why to grow your own produce and I could go on and on but I think I’ve hit the nail on the head with the reasons I’ve given. I hope I’ve convinced you to atleast give gardening a shot and try something new. 


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